Repair Methods

It is critical for water front homeowners to take care of the needs of an aging seawall to ensure the strength and stability it provides. Our Florida rain storms and boat activity on the canals steadily erode walls from the land and waterside. Maintenance repairs such as T Pile seam sealing and Coral Rock Wall facing are suggested every three to five years or as needed. Backfilling cavities and depressions that form behind the wall are typically included in every repair; most properties will qualify for a warranty period of three years.

Repair methods that support a wall from the water side include concrete batter pilings, concrete pin pilings and wall pilasters. A knowledgeable Sea Tech Construction estimator will explain the preferred repair method suited for your wall with alternate methods of repair, if needed, at the time of your in water inspection.

Cavities and depressions behind a seawall are typically the result of undermining and erosion of the wall. Aluminum footer systems are installed along the water side bottom of the seawall, preventing further loss of fill and returning stability to the wall. An in water inspection is critical for the measurement of footer panel length; Sea Tech Construction estimators always allow time in the initial appointment for this step in the evaluation; most inspections are performed at low tide when visibility and water levels are best.