Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions:

Why am I losing fill behind my seawall?

Depending on your type of seawall, the backfill may be leaking through your T Piling seam seals, or through the rock face of your seawall. In more severe cases, it may be leaking out underneath the wall panels due to insufficient penetration into the canal berm.

How often should I have my seawall and dock inspected?

Every 3 years is typically adequate unless you observe an unusual amount of fill loss, sudden movement or bowing in the wall. Pay attention to any changes in your wood dock pilings below the water line or weak framing and decking on the dock.

Do all seawall and dock repairs need permits?

No. Your Sea Tech Construction estimator will advise you when a permit is necessary and what building departments and agencies will need to be included in the process.

What if I do need a permit, how long is the permitting process?

The permitting process can take anywhere from 1 – 12 months depending on the type of repair required and your water front location. Sea Tech Construction has a full time permitting department dedicatated to ensuring that your permit moves quickly through the process as required by local, state and federal authorities. These services are included in our project estimates and are only available to customers with signed contracts.

Why are my wood pilings decaying in the tidal zone?

Wood pilings that are not wrapped in the tidal zone are subject to attack in salt water by borer worms. These wood destroying organisms penetrate the piling and destroy the strength and composition of the piling. If a piling is LESS THAN 50% EATEN THROUGH, it can typically be saved by installing a concrete filled pvc wrap. If it is MORE THAN 50% EATEN THROUGH, it will typically need to be replaced. The in water inspection completed by your Sea Tech Construction estimator will determine the amount of damage to the piling.

Why choose Sea Tech Construction, Inc. over the competition?

We realize that most homeowners will solicit approximately 3 bids for their projects. There are 3 simple, honest reasons for you to choose Sea Tech Construction, Inc over the competition: we excel in service, we are competitive in pricing and most importantly, the quality of our work will impress you.